How can we help you?

Our goal at T.R. Title Corp. is to facilitate your real estate closing and to provide you with the security that your property will be free from any defect or encumbrance. We complete a full title examination. This involves researching the public records for any and all deeds, mortgages, liens on the property and the chain of title to insure that your title will not be clouded. It is essential that the title insurance be purchased when purchasing or refinancing a home.

Why Choose Us

As your Title Company, we will: Extensively search public records to establish insurable ownership of the property being sold. Help correct any defects with the property title. Account for and transfer the transaction funds. Insure the transaction against any covered mistake, fraud, risk or defect. 

Our Commitment

T.R. Title Corp. is committed to being accessible, reliable and transparent. You should expect to work with someone who is responsive to your questions about the real estate process and ready to do whatever it takes to handle any issues while communicating with you along the way. Call it amazing customer service if you want, but it’s another day in the office for our friendly and innovative team.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on being an honest, straight-forward title company. That means there are no hidden costs or mandatory attorney fees – to be discovered in our final invoice. We’re up front with our pricing and you’re never going to be sent “surprise” fees throughout the transaction. It might seem innovative, but while the T.R. Title team is always proud to think outside of the box, we also think it’s the right thing to do.


Before you go into a closing, it is critical to know that your title to the property will be free and clear. This means that, after the closing, it will be free of prior indebtedness or other defects or encumbrances. It is then what is called a “marketable title.” Normally, at the closing the Seller gives the Buyer a deed, which transfers the title to you and warrants your title against claims of other persons. The warranties on the deed are only representations of the Seller. With a thorough examination of title and a title policy you are insured that the property you purchased belongs to you.

A title examination involves researching the public records to disclose the previous owners of record, prior deeds, mortgages, court judgments, probate proceedings and divorces, foreclosures, tax and construction liens, and other matters that could affect title. In some cases, a title examination will uncover title defects that could jeopardize a Buyer’s ability to take clear title to the property. Should research reveal title defects, the Seller may be asked to undertake legal proceedings to clear the defects. By obtaining a title insurance policy, the title underwriter and title agent must see that these defects are cleared.

T.R. Title Corp. is licensed to write title in every county in Florida and is well versed in foreclosures, 1031 Exchanges, short sales, new construction, portfolio loans, grants, government loans, cross-collateralize loans, construction loans, and other closings that might otherwise be deemed “difficult.”



T.R. Title Corp. offers escrow services for real estate transactions in Florida. With years of experience in residential and commercial transactions, we act as an unbiased third party following the instructions of the parties, ensuring satisfaction and accuracy. We verify that both parties have met the terms of the contract and will disburse the escrow as stated in the contract. We will hold your money in an escrow account for any real estate transaction, guaranteeing that your money is held safely. T.R. Title Corp. has acted as an escrow agent for thousands of transactions, including with most of the major banks and/or mortgage companies operating throughout Florida.